Assured of their evanescence

Assured of their evanescence,
The Sleeping walk as Lovers do:
In Perfection,
In Innocence.
We were them when we were older,
The Children sleep just as Dreamers do
Though we be possessed of one eye and they immured to two;
Poised in their accepted transience,
The Sleeping yearn for the Heart of God
That which they call by varied names/
The Freedom that they Are.
And the Lovers dream as children do,
Walk fixéd in their Eternity
Love, let us be the Eye, the Mouth of Truth—
That Our Light
Those with two eyes might See;


Conflagration: a Co-Creation

I have known violent catalysts
Flames of passion like an infinite torch
Held to ten thousand lifetimes of fractured perception.
I have known hopelessly abridged awareness
And conflagrations of transformation, determined to incinerate my Heart
And yet they were always catalysts of Passion.
But never have I known a Peace that heals misperceptions,
Upwelling all these deeply rooted patterns
Of fear and forgetfulness of our Perfection
Never have I known a Light whose beam could illuminate All the chambers of my Heart that would have taken years to enlighten on my own,
Never have I known this subtle form of gentle death, a graceful burial of every muffled echo of my Totality
It was always so murderous before
And now I have the pleasure, my Beloved, of dying in your arms
Phoenix ascending from the ashes of the rough so crusted onto my precious Heart
So I may dance in and as your timeless Light
It is easier that way, without feet.
In time, they will fall away too
In time
It all does.
It always does;


Eternity is ever immeasurable
In such earthly things as daylights
Never could it be a sentence or condemnation
For it is synonymous with Peace.
And it is the tranquil  paradise across the stillest Sea, this one we have traversed together
Because we could, alone.
Because I could find Eternity dwelling WithIn Me,
Because I Know that neither I, nor You, nor They,
Have ever left
The days the nights are stripped away, the years and seasons and the tides
Are but beauties of a place whose minds still march to the seeming tyranny of Time
But the seasons are no sentence
No chronologic condemnation
But a means of growing as earthly things do,
Until in one day you find
There is no day at all;

I Could Never Unlove You

I could never unlove you, my dear.
Not after all the faces we have been,
The trials we have known,
In Time and Time again.
I have seen the wounded side of Totality,
Their blind meandering, and transcended the ground parade, the way that you have.
To rise into your arms is to Remember
I have always been able to fly.
My Love, You remind Me
What it means to be human,
What it means to be Divine.
And we are both of these things.

I could never unlove you, my heart.
Not after all the roads that led us here,
Every synchronized breath, each lonely step taken down the dimmest paths—
Every place where we dwelled in darkness,
Subsisting off the Light of Heaven that
We could never quite forget,
To arrive here, at the Gates of the Ever After
Where there is the stillness of solitude,
And sweetest serenity in Surrender.
It is where we shall forever stand:
In this moment.

I could never unlove you, my King
Not after all these domains we have tamed
All these foreign lands
WithIn ourselves
We have excavated,
And given Light,
That the journeyers may See our beacon,
The incandescence of God’s Golden Shore
And know that Truth lives there.

I could never unlove you, my mirror
Not after all the ways I have learned to Love mySelf
I could never do you the injustice of not being Everything
You never dared to dream of,
For we dreamt as the Sleeping do,
With eyes closed.
I could have never dreamed you, dear
Before I tasted Divinity on my lips,
Before I saw Eternity in my eyes.

And when I did,
There you were,
Gazing back into your Own;

VI. The Lovers

If we are lucky we’ll get sixty years
And if we are luckier, perhaps
We will leave this plane together, evaporating into Light.
Before Time is over,
We will end it on Our own.
Rise into that Greater Love when we’ve Released all the suffering we’ve known.
When tomorrow is meaningless,
Because there are no longer days
When I Am just my Light You See
These colors blending, morphing
When I can no longer distinguish
Where You End and I Begin
We are the Endless Loving, two merging into ten into thousands into Light
For We are the Lovers, the Waking, and the Sleeping Children all the same,
That they may tap into the new heights of Love we forge upon this Plane,
These endless waves of ecstasy sent rippling out into Forever,
These gentle raging streams of God’s Love glimmering in their Skies
And all we have to do is Love
And they, Remember they are Light.
So let us merge into Eternity, that we may paint Potential with the Greatest Love it’s ever known,
Might we kiss the Earth as God’s lips,
As We are kissing Our own;


It is the strangest sensation

And ever right

There is no yearning in this Love.

There is no deep sinking, pulling at the tassels of Forever,

Gripping in uncertainty

Or the certainty of transience.

God’s purest love is a love of Peace

Sweet serenity gently unfolding

There is eternity within the stillness,

And Heaven in the Now

In Knowing there is no separation,

Nor has there ever been.

Only Unity, God Unending.

For In You, I Am



It is on the endless wings of Now
There, the great Unfolding
Removed from all these yesterdays and horizons whose glimpses keep me human/
Ever wondering
That there is God.
As if I could ever be removed from Totality, and yet it is here that I Know wherefore
They speak of Heaven as having no tears, no pain
The suffering is over
As I realize every death I have endured, the worst the ones which I made it through again and again with these same hands and eyes
Were only ever teaching me of my Truth:
That I Am everlasting, and not so easily made irremediable.
Every death is the fracturing of every part encrusted onto me
After endless trials of fearing all these forms of oblivion,
That believed I have ever been separate from All.

And the longest death, this searching for that counterpart, my completion in the form of polarity
Him, in hands and eyes outside myself
And like me, wandering.
So I have known the wanderers, the searchers charting their way through the withOut.

Now I, unraveling in my Knowing
He has always been withIn,
Embedded as we all are in Love,
The divine marriage is in Me.

And from here all these hands and eyes I gaze into
Are ever Knowing just the same;


It seems strange to say goodbye
Now, when the sun is warming all these sleeping things
Now, when everything is coming into bloom;
And yet it is not strange at all,
I feel the same happening inside of me
A new sun crested on my horizon there
I feel all of these clenched things in me thawing with the longer days full of warmth.
The forest that I Am is brimming with Life,
Green and untamed by any human desire.
All these cut limbs grow back ever stronger,
I am Her; and cannot be desecrated or made to be any less God than I Am
By any blind man.
Here, all these imperfect things that are Creation are flourishing in softness of myriad colors
Sweet petal of the perfect rose
I Am the divine marriage,
I Am my velvet unfolding
I Am the strength of the thorned stem; coming up through earth conditioned by tears and the breaking, those fractal pieces which have seeded this growth.

I Am raw Truth;

And there, in the place with the different stars,
Autumn is riding in on the chill of gray clouds
And I wonder if you are there amongst them.
Is the winter settling within you as well,
As the Rebirth has in me?
And if it has, I say to you my love,
Dive into the darkness.
Bury yourself in the snows of your forlorn hope
And the shadowy glimpses of who you Are.
Make a home there,
While your world is cold
And learn every facet of what drives you the most sane. Every face of your obscurity.
And when for you the winds stop blowing in from the Arctic,
And there is peace of mind in the warming of the soils,
Might you find that an untamed forest is enough to drive you wild,
The way She already is.
Might you find that

Beauty is Truth, Truth beauty—
/And if/
That is all you know on Earth,
That is all you need to know;